S3 (S cubed) AT YOUR SERVICE VI (AYS VI), a Virgin Islands licensed business entity,  is here to assist anyone in finding businesses, organizations and service(s) in the Virgin Islands 24/7 via internet access. 

AYS VI is the initiative of Virgin Islander Douglas Canton, Jr.  AYSVI offers a new paradigm for ensuring that business and non-profit organizations and the services they provide can more easily be identified 24 / 7, facilitating both the rendering of service and the related economic exchange. 

The text based Directory Listings on AYS VI are Free!. This lowers the economic bar for both fledgling and established business. 

Your AYS VI text listing can provide helpful information, including:

  •      Business' / Organization's / Handy Person's Name
  •      Location (as applicable)
  •      Contact Person
  •      Contact Options/links (phone, fax, email, web site, etc.)
  •      Hours of service / Emergency Availability if applicable
  •      Available on: St. Croix / St. Thomas / St. John
  •      Details of services available (Appears in a "More Info" window)

Equally important, The graphical advertising rates are disruptively competitive, and deliberately so. This option includes a linked information page with additional information about your business services, location as well as unique attributes that may distinguish your business from the competition. 

In the competitive global internet marketplace, AYS VI is a tool that enhances the opportunity for your local business to be identified and contacted by anyone in the world that desires to utilize the services of our Virgin Islands businesses and organizations.

AYS VI  IS Computer, Tablet and Smart Phone Friendly.

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You may use our Contact form or direct email to send your business listing information to:

Your suggestions on improving this service are welcome!  

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